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things i love

I LOVE sharing my favorite finds with others- especially if I can pass on a good deal! When we have the right tools, a healthy lifestyle can be fun AND easy.

I've linked up everything from wellness products + gadgets, beauty items, life-changing books, and even some of the best instructors and providers I know. Not finding something specific? Shoot me a message with your suggestion.

PS- As an affiliate, I may receive a small commission on any purchases made through these links. 

Books on my nightstand

If your nightstand is anything like mine, it's overflowing with so many good books! Here's the ones that I've loved the most.

my beauty routine

Clean skincare, make-up, and personal products for you to add to your daily routine or for those extra special self-care moments.

beautiful things (coming soon!)

I love how something beautiful can change my mood. From the sparkle of a bracelet to the smooth glide of the perfect pen, beauty comes in so many different ways.  I've included links to all of my favorite jewelry, accessories, candles, and anything else random I find along the way.


my peeps (coming soon!)

Looking for an energy healer? a woman's health physical therapist? business coach? I got you!
Most of these lovelies work virtually, although I've included a few brick and mortar for my hometown readers.


gadgets galore (coming soon!)

Foam rollers, heart rate monitors, and yoga mats, oh my! So many things to help you fall in love with taking care of your bod.


yummy eats (coming soon!)

ok- not really a fan of the word yummy, but... here we are. Here are links to food staples to make your life healthier AND happier.


oohmmm my gad  (coming soon!)

All the things to help you develop and maintain your own mindfulness practice as well as mindset tools... crystals, meditation cushions, journals. no complete sentences though.


threads (coming soon!)

How have I made it this far and not mentioned clothes?! You'll find my favorite workout apparel alongside links to my daily duds.

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